Email trends that will impact your marketing

There have been a number of 2018 email trends that marketers have flagged as important to businesses, and that should probably remain on their radar as it can affect their marketing program, according to Marketing Land blogger Kyle Henderick. He points to the a few specific examples that he believes will have the biggest impact:

  1. 1. Editorial or “sticky” content: This type of content is predicted to become a must-have over the next year — or at the very least, a must-consider. How-to guides, related news, tips and tricks, and other types of “sticky” content will help dealers keep their email subscribers from opting out. These subscribers will be more enticed to stick around if the dealership provides content that educates or connects with them.
  2. 2. Automation and AI: Marketers continue to experiment with automated plug-and-play applications, and the role of artificial intelligence seems to hover widely around content optimization for now. However, these technologies can also make your marketing emails seem more human by providing users with a more personalized experience through data.
  3. 3. Real-time, cross-channel: The idea of creating personalized content in real-time and across multiple channels is moving forward quickly. The next-generation of this concept will start appearing in emails, websites and products sooner than you might expect, says Henderick.
  4. 4. Kinetic emails: This type of email provides a look and feel that is similar to a website experience, says Henderick. Examples include emails with hover buttons, hotspots and an image carousel. Kinetic emails have been described as “more effective for encouraging subscribers to engage with the brands and its products.” Both Taco Bell and Burberry are using this type of interactivity in their emails.

These types of emails are all worth considering and even testing early in the year so that dealers can get a competitive advantage and reel in more subscribers.