Disney secrets for brand dominance

There’s more to Disney than a mouse in red shorts and magic; there’s a huge amount of business savvy and corporate sense, too. And the man who knows more than most about Disney’s business knowledge is none other than author and former Head of Training at the Legendary Disney University, Doug Lipp.

In a custom-built presentation designed to help dealers explore new approaches to service excellence and change management, Lipp presents important lessons along with antidotes and humour, as well as a fresh new outlook on tools we all know well, already at this year’s DealerTalkx 2018 conference in Montreal.

So, how did Disney create this “happiest place on earth”? It’s not as complex as you might think, and Lipp outlines clear priorities to simplify that complex notion in the first and most important lesson of the seven.

For starters, simplifying your employee’s lives will in turn make your customer’s lives easier, and in will flood the sales and, therefore, the happiness.

So, how do you provide your employee’s with guidance so they in turn can guide the customer? Through the four keys to success: safety, courtesy, show, and capacity (efficiency).

Safety is number one in any and all industries, and the same safety priority can be applied at Disney as it can at your dealership. Courtesy will keep your employee and customers smiling, as will a clean well-kept business (show), and all of these points will lead to capacity, which will be inevitable.

The catch here is that capacity becomes the least important lesson here. Businesses are so often driven by numbers/sales/profit that the rest falls away. That’s a huge danger. Your employees are your business. They are your success. They are as important as your clients and your sales, equally.

Simplifying the complex is just a small step you can take towards injecting the “magic” into your dealership and keeping it there.

Change is risky. Walt Disney knew this. But he also knew how important evolution was to keep his business relevant; regardless of the fact that he also knew he wasn’t going to keep everyone happy in the process. This is a hard concept to grasp, but one that’s supremely important to boost your business and inject that luster and excitement back into your workforce. “Be willing to change, or be willing to perish.”

Organized by Kijiji, Canada’s largest online classifieds site, the theme of DealerTalkx 2018 is “The Agile Dealership.”