More digital marketing trends for 2018

Dealers that want contribute more to their digital marketing will need to integrate digital media and technology into their strategy, according to Smart Insights blogger Dave Chaffey. He’s looking ahead to consider what the state of digital marketing will be in the new year, and what new trends will be relevant for marketers — including dealers.

  1. 1. Mobile: The increase in mobile and smartphone usage is nothing new to dealers, so long as they understand its growing importance in the market. Incorporating this concept into digital marketing strategies will be key to finding success with consumers like millennials.

  2. 2. Personalization:
    The importance of personalization is attaining new heights of interest among consumers, who are especially demanding it in content, social media posts, emails, and just about any form of digital marketing.

  3. 3. Machine learning, automation:
    Machine learning is a new trend and it’s growing in importance. Dealers will need to keep a close eye on the advancement of Artificial Intelligence to see where it goes and how they can take advantage of it for marketing purposes. Automation is also a trend that will likely increase in popularity, especially since content, email and lead flow automation will save dealers hours of work per week.

  4. 4. Messaging apps:
    Integrating social messaging apps into the car buying marketing experience may become an essential tool for dealers in 2018.

  5. 5. Data:
    The importance of big data and analytics will continue to increase within the next year, and it will be used by more and more businesses.

  6. 6. Augmented Reality:
    Many companies, including automakers like Porsche, are dipping their feet in AR to test the waters.

  7. 7. Micro-moments:
    Described by think with Google as a “intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences shaped,” the occurrence of micro-moments are growing every day. And it’s worth paying attention to and considering how this concept can be incorporated into dealer’s marketing strategies.

Other trends worth following, according to Chaffey, include advances in SEO and content marketing integration, blending marketing activities with the customer experience, and focusing on customer engagement strategies.