DealerTalk Winter Webinar: how data can drive effective online merchandising

Photos…we take them all the time! Have a quick look through your phone - how many have you forgotten about? We bet you can’t remember them all. Now think of all the customers scrolling through your photos and forgetting the image they just saw. You’re not the only dealer experiencing this, so we wanted to help out: enter the DealerTalk Winter Webinar!

On November 20th, Devin Daly, CEO of SpinCar sat down with Will Harris, National Head of Sales at Kijiji for an interactive webinar. During this session, they took participants through the digital merchandising journey. The goal of this webinar was to make sure that everyone could walk back into the dealership with action items that could make an immediate impact on their customers’ experience.

Maybe you couldn’t make it and had to miss out? Don’t worry, we made sure to record it for you.

A big thank you to Devin and the SpinCar team for sharing your expertise and helping our dealer community stay on top of the latest trends in digital automotive retailing!

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