Dealers cheer for new Kijiji Autos site

Dealers cheered loudly and gave a standing ovation after they got a sneak preview of the new Kijiji Autos website at the DealerTalkx event in Toronto.

“You have been asking for an alternative — and now you have it,” said Leanne Kripp, Head of Autos at Kijiji Canada after dealers witnessed a demo of the site. “Are you ready to join us on this journey?”

Kripp said she was thrilled with the response from dealers. “It was incredible,” she said, adding that dealers were asking her to test out the new website on the Kijiji Autos app on her phone.

Kijiji Autos is a brand new, dedicated automotive marketplace for Canadians to research and find new and used vehicles.

After surveying 500 dealers and more than 2,000 Canadian consumers, the conclusion Kijiji reached is that shoppers want a more convenient, easy and personalized shopping experience — and dealers want shoppers to be happy, says Matthew McKenzie, General Manager at Kijiji Canada in his presentation unveiling the new site.

Kijiji took this feedback and created a solution — Kijiji Autos. Some of the key features include:

Advanced browsing capabilities: Buyers can now browse by lifestyle, a unique feature geared towards individuals who may not know what type of car they want and need more guidance.

Seamless integration: Users are able to use their existing Kijiji credentials to log into the Kijiji Autos platform. Dealer inventory will stay on Kijiji as it does today, but will also be replicated on Kijiji Autos.

Complete personalization: Users are able to pick up where they left off through their recent searches. Users can also save any vehicle they are interested in to their favourites, then compare and contrast vehicles later on.

User-friendly interface: The vehicle display page is presented through a clean, simple and user-friendly design. There is no clutter, only relevant user information which leads to more informative and user-friendly search results.

Advanced price analysis: The tool also features an innovative price analysis feature which calculates the vehicle price based on data from multiple marketplaces, vehicle sold prices and vehicle-specific data from CARPROOF. This kind of transparency is meant to build trust and help reassure buyers before making a purchase.

Dealer ratings and reviews: Lastly, users want to make sure that they can trust the seller. Users can now view customer reviews and dealer ratings by simply scrolling down on a vehicle display page.

The best part? The new Kijiji Autos platform will be delivered to all Canadians before the end of the year.

Kripp invited dealers to sign-up for the Kijiji Autos Insider Program to get the latest updates. They can also sign up through their local Kijiji Sales representative.