Creating top-notch infographics

Marketers that create memorable infographics that drive user engagement never miss a deadline and “keep up the momentum throughout their development,” says Content Marketing Institute blogger Jelian Devanesan. They also know which key ingredients will really make a difference when creating top-notch infographics. Devanesan shares a few of their tricks:

Topic: Choosing a topic may seem simple enough, but if it doesn’t check off the right boxes, it may not generate a lot of user interest. The infographic needs to be insightful, offers a solution to a problem, answers a question and entertains your audience.

Research: You will need to choose a research method before gathering data for your infographic. This includes things like using Google search hacks, finding existing surveys or polls, conducting your own research, and so on.

Data-collection method: Once you have your data, separate it into two groups: questions and answers. Then include a sub-category to display your findings.

Headlines and more: Your infographic needs to tell a story, which means it needs a headline, sub-headline, and general information to explain what’s being shared and why it’s relevant to the viewer. This can be done in the form of a brief introduction and a section that explains your findings.

Design notes: Add notes in the headers and footers to avoid any confusion between your notes and the content being created. Your design notes can include things like: preferred style, adding a logo, page format, dimensions and so on.

Once you put it all together, it should create a fun, interesting and useful story that users will want to share on social media channels and other digital platforms. The wealthier the content and display, the more users will embrace it.