Creating content for a more user-friendly site

Good content that is properly prepared for digital means is a key piece of any business website. It’s also a necessity for dealerships to ensure they have a fully user-friendly site that provides consumers with a good experience. Here are some tips from Social Media Today blogger Mark Walker-Ford on how dealers can do just that:

Headlines: Major headlines for blogs and articles should be clear (easy-to-understand and easy-to-read) and descriptive. This is for the benefit of SEO, and for users.

Above the fold: The most important, critical part of your content should be at the top of your article and definitely above the fold of your page.

Style & colour: The style and colours you select for your content needs to be consistent — not just throughout the website’s blog section, but site-wide as well. This includes things like the layout, headings and general style.

Don’t over emphasis: Don’t overdo the emphasis factor — that is, the use of things like “bold” or “italics.” According to the infographic Walker-Ford has based his information on, if you try to draw attention to everything, “you’ll effectively draw attention to nothing.”

Ads & pop-ups: Depending on how they are placed, when they show up, and how often they appear, advertisements and pop-ups can be very intrusive to the user. Instead, try to integrate them nicely into your website without overdoing it so that your content — and you by extension — don’t suffer the consequences.

Clear & concise: Users appreciate reading clear and concise articles. They do not enjoy things that are difficult to read, understand or absorb. Keep it short and to the point, but also engaging. As Walker-Ford points out, no one cares if you can “leverage your synergies.”

Finally, the last two pieces of advice are as follows: do use descriptive URLs as they are good for both search engines and users. And do create descriptive and unique HTML Page titles that are not jam-packed with keywords.