How to convert website visitors into customers

The start of the New Year often brings about many changes in the digital marketing realm — and specifically for dealers who need to adjust their strategies to fit the latest trends. Social Media Today blogger Mark Walker-Ford offers a few tips on how they can increase the conversation rate of their dealership’s website. The information is based on data provided by Vertical Measures:

  1. 1. Capturing a user’s attention: Dealers need to emphasis their point-of-conversion for users by encapsulating their call to action forms. This is because 90 per cent of website visitors who read the headline will also read the CTA copy.
  2. 2. Personalizing your CTA: Personalizing CTA buttons to connect with specific website users has been found to convert 42 per cent more visitors than the alternative.
  3. 3. Removing potential leaks: One way to remove “leaks in the air supply,” as Vertical Measures calls it, is to get rid of navigational menu options and hyperlinks. This is because it gives users the option to leave your website’s landing page.
  4. 4. Optimizing your form: Reducing the average number of field forms from 11 to four can help increase conversions by 130 per cent.
  5. 5. Building trust: Getting users to trust your brand involves a few simple tricks: posting testimonials, including security and privacy symbols, and preparing case studies — to name a few.

Dealers can also boost website conversions by improving landing pages and conducting A/B tests, and by ensuring that the page loads quickly and without any issues. After all, a one second delay can lead to a 7 per cent drop in conversions.