Content marketing and the holy grail

“Going viral” might seem to be the holy grail of content marketing. After all, what’s not to like about getting millions of views for your organically shared content — without spending a cent on paid promotion?

But while the rewards can be great, going viral should not be considered a content marketing strategy at your dealership, says Top Rank Marketing blogger Joshua Nite. Instead, it’s a pleasant side effect of well-crafted content.

Whether you hit the viral jackpot or not, you should always make sure your content is shareworthy. But, while you shouldn’t ditch the strategy, you can still aspire to virality, says Nite. He offers the following four ideas for increasing your content’s viral potential.

  1. Make data beautiful. Take information that’s relevant to a large audience and display it in a beautiful and functional form.
  2. Take a stand. Think beyond the product-pain point interaction and take a stand on an important issue. This forms an emotional connection that makes people feel like your brand cares about them, and that they are making a positive difference in the world.
  3. Get silly. Most people enjoy a good laugh. Humour can be tricky, but when you get it right you can create something sublimely silly — and infinitely shareable.
  4. Warm some hearts. If you take away the cute animals and “hilarious injury” videos that make consumer-produced content go viral, you’re left with heart-warming, human interest stories. Add some human interest to  your content mix and see where it takes you.

Instead of counting on going viral, learn how to build content that will succeed with your audience, says Nite.

He offers several examples of brands that are doing it right, along with plenty of links to more info in his full blog post. Find it at Top Rank Marketing.