Consumers want a more personal touch

What does “good” look like to consumers? According to research from Ricoh Europe, it looks a lot like paying attention. And the brands that do it best are the ones that know how to treat customers as individuals, says 70 per cent of respondents to their survey.

Ricoh commissioned the survey of 3,600 consumers across 23 countries in Europe and South Africa. The results underscore the need for personalized services — and for dealerships to ensure that their digital solutions meet and exceed evolving customer requirements, says David Mills, CEO, Ricoh Europe.

The customer journey

Ricoh devised a “Triple R” rating where consumers rank how brands build quality relationships during three phases of the customer journey:

  • - Reach: The ability for a brand to encourage engagement;
  • - Respond: The likelihood for a customer to buy a product or service the first time;
  • - Retain: An aftersales experience that inspires loyalty and repeat purchase.

19 brands were deemed “excellent” in all three areas, with PayPal, Yamaha Motor and at the top of the list.

A need to feel valued

More research highlights include:

  • - 57 per cent would spend more with brands that make them feel valued;
  • - 59 per cent believe brands care most about their customers prior to a purchase;
  • - 70 per cent would prefer brands to focus more on their needs during and after the purchase.

The research “heightens the fact that driving business growth must be intimately linked to making interactions easy and ensuring consumers feel appreciated,” says David Mills, CEO, Ricoh Europe.

And that means using the right digital solutions to move closer to the customer, he says.

“The right technology along with streamlined digital processes are the most powerful tools in the battle to satisfy and retain today’s consumers,” says Mills.

Find out more about the research at Thought Leadership, Ricoh.