What to consider before moving to in-house marketing

Thinking of making the switch from an agency to in-house digital marketing? It can be a scary proposition, especially if you’re not prepared. Caleb Edwards, a Forbes blogger and CEO of GreenHouse Agency, offers up some key best practices to have in place before you make the move. Here’s how to stack the odds of success in your favour:

Know your monthly marketing goals.

Specific and measureable, your spreadsheet should detail monthly marketing projections for up to 12 months out. It should include five metrics or KPIs:

• Website traffic projections
• Traffic-to-lead ratio
• Lead-to-customer ration
• Customer lifetime value
• Return on marketing investment

Plug the numbers into your spreadsheet and focus on optimizing your conversion rates. You can also automate this process with a marketing automation tool.

Align your marketing plan with sales goals.

Review your marketing plan quarterly and adjust based on marketing and sales analytics data.

Do an honest internal marketing assessment.

Look at your internal resources and expertise and ask yourself some key questions:

• Do you have the ability to track and understand monthly marketing metrics?
• Do you have a clear plan that outlines inbound marketing activities, such as blogging, social posting, landing page design, content offers, lead nurturing emails and website updates?
• Do you have the internal team to fulfill monthly tasks and a marketing director to take the lead, or will you need to hire new talent?
• Does this team have the skills and time needed to fulfill monthly tasks? Will they need to outsource any design, copywriting, website development and social media tasks?
• Does the team have an intuitive understanding of your current marketing platforms, automation and reporting tools? Can you work with your previous agency to provide any needed training?

If you’re looking to take a more hands-on approach to marketing at your dealership, all of these are points worth considering. Find more ideas in Edwards’ full blog at Forbes.