Canadian auto dealer covers DealerTalkX Montreal

Canada’s leading print and online magazine for auto dealers, Canadian auto dealer, was in full force at Kijiji’s 2017 DealerTalkX Montreal conference in September — an event that challenged dealers to go digital. The gathering focused primarily on solutions and opportunities in what is becoming an increasingly digital auto retail industry.

The Canadian auto dealer team attended various sessions, interviewed speakers, and tweeted some of the more interesting quotes of the day, which are available via the publication’s Twitter feed at @autodealermag. You can read the full article by Canadian auto dealer here which includes a photo gallery of speakers.

The magazine’s sister publication, Affaires Automobiles, also provided similar coverage.

The coverage helps showcase how important these events have become for helping dealers grapple with the forces of change affecting their industry.

The publication’s coverage included clips from Martin Latulippe, a successful entrepreneur, author, and business strategist, who kicked-off the event by discussing the need to embrace digital, as “knowing about it [the shift to digital] is not what moves the business.”

Millennials are expected to represent 75 per cent of the workforce by 2025, and Latulippe says he believes that dealers need to start producing video and digital content for platforms like Facebook. “Videos are 53 times more powerful than images,” he said.

Guy Buldoc, an entrepreneur, founder and trainer, brought up some interesting points about what Millennials are after.

“The best advice I can give you is to provide them [consumers] with content and to educate them,” said Buldoc.

He also explained the importance of communication between the marketing and sales departments if dealers want to meet the digital content needs of a new generation of consumers.

CarProof’s Brian Munro and Stephan Lalonde also spoke with Canadian auto dealer to discuss the employment of Millennials and what dealers should expect from them and vice versa.

The future of F&I was the main focus for Derek Sloan and Annie Deslauriers of Sym-Tech Dealer Services. And as for Guy Bourgeois, a motivational speaker, trainer and author, and Dany Dubé, a sports columnist and radio host, they explored the psychological approach of performance.

“Action is always equal to reaction,” Bourgeois said, adding that “there is always a return.”

Maighan concluded the event with a dynamic, inspiring and positive message to dealers about upping their performance in life.