Build your business around people

It takes drive and a heavy dose of confidence to become a successful entrepreneur in today’s economic landscape; and Montreal-born Philippe Bertrand, Co-founding partner and Chief Growth Officer of illuxi and Amplio Strategie, has that in spades.

Bertrand shared his insights with dealers at this year’s DealerTalkx event in Montreal about the importance of hiring and training the right people, and how you can keep them around with a few key structural rules to follow within your business.

The automotive dealership landscape is about to shift — drastically. From 540,000 workers retiring in 2019, to the legalization of cannabis to the growth of Millennials in the workforce, dealers need to deal with ]many factors and it is important they have a strong workforce behind their brand.

One solid theme that emerged from his Bertrand’s presentation was collaboration. It’s important for everyone from the front-desk greeter to the parts manager — right up to the CEO — to work as one solid entity to better serve and help clients, he says.

Bertrand also heavily promotes looking outside your industry for talent and potential new employees to strengthen your team.

Organized by Kijiji, Canada’s largest online classifieds site, the theme of DealerTalkx 2018 is “The Agile Dealership.”