How to build a remote digital marketing team

The potential candidate pool for digital marketing team members at your dealership is wider and deeper when you hire remote workers. Remote workers are happy workers. And happy workers are more productive and responsive — and cost you less than than onsite workers, says Small Business Trends blogger Jessica Davis.

She serves up the following five key tips for building a remote digital marketing team:

  • 1. Use a task accountability platform for efficient management. Planning, communication and accountability are a little more challenging with a remote team. Choose a communication platform that lets you keep in constant touch.

    2. Create an accessible and organized editorial calendar.
    When you plan in advance, you retain a lot of control. It’s easier for employees to manage their work if they are privy to the plan.

    3. Invest in content repositories and resources. Your social media and content marketers should have access to research and content tools to spark ideas. You will need a content editor, research tool and image/design repository.

    4. Research and commit to the right stack of marketing tools. Tools such as GrowthBot can help you conduct content and marketing research at low cost. You can ask the bot which keywords your competitors rank for or are targeting with PPC.

    5. Establish a smart reporting order and means. Decide in advance who reports to whom, how they are required to check in and how they should communicate on a day-to-day basis. Tools such as Slack allow you to create different channels for different teams and chat with each member one-to-one,

Davis provides several examples of the tools that can help you manage a remote team, along with links to more details in her full blog post. Find it here.