Why authentic content marketing is so important

Authentic or honest content marketing is one of the most effective ways to market to millennials, according to Search Engine Journal blogger Kristopher Jones. This is probably because 84 per cent of this generation has stated that they don’t like advertising, and here’s why:

Cashing in: millennials are able to flag false advertising a mile away, and they are not a fan of it. They also dislike it when they can pinpoint a brand’s attempt to cash in on a trend. For example, the use of Martin Luther King’s speeches in a Ram Trucks commercial that appeared during the Super Bowl was not well received.

Decisions: Research also shows that consumers’ buying decisions are largely influenced by their emotions rather than logic. And since many of them don’t believe that brands are transparent or credible, providing more authentic, honest content can help boost consumer trust.

The benefits to this type of content are vast, and include:

  • - Helping to refine your audience focus, which allows you to reach specific people “more likely to engage with your content,” says Jones.

  • - The creation of more readable and relatable content, which can help increase engagement.

  • - It adds value to your content by positioning it (and you) as an authority.

  • - It leaves an impression on users, allowing your brand to remain top-of-mind in future searches or purchasing decisions.

  • - It helps enhance brand loyalty, and in some cases brand advocacy.

  • - It provides value, and therefore helps improve customer retention.

It also encourages the creation of user-generated content and positive reviews, says Jones. Focusing on users, personalizing the content and connecting it to all marketing channels (email, social, website, etc.) is also worth considering as it can yield some very desirably results for your brand and further help you connect with consumers.