Agility key to success, dealers told

Are you a planner?  You may want to rethink how you are doing things at the dealership according to the kick-off speaker at Kijiji’s 2018 DealerTalkx event in Calgary on Sept. 20. Learning how to be agile is the key to success for dealers in 2018, according to Lance Schafer, General Manager of Product and Technology at LotLinx.  

“Don’t go chasing waterfalls.  The difference between agile is you’re responding to change so you’re flipping the planning to the change,“ said Schafer to a packed group of dealers, managers and dealership staff who look after digital marketing.

Schafer says dealers who are ready to react, enjoy increased confidence and sales efficiency. “In a very fast dynamic fast moving environment with a lot of things going on, like software development, plans generally don’t work.”

Schafer adds that holding on to what is working and getting rid of what is not will keep employees engaged. “Feedback is the most part of the agile framework and the reason is you actually schedule feedback sessions.  But really this is what creates the intellectual property or competitive edge in any company because that’s where the actual learning takes place.”

Schafer is urging dealers to learn how to reframe goals on a regular basis and go from chaos to clarity by being agile.

“In the longer term, agile software becomes higher quality and the reason is because of all the customer feedback.”

Organized by Kijiji, Canada’s largest online classifieds site, the theme of DealerTalkx 2018 is “The Agile Dealership.” The Toronto, Ont., event will be held between Oct 10-11, followed by the Montreal, Que., event on Oct 16.