How to achieve SMS lead generation success

The way consumers react to SMS is very different than other forms of communication, according to MarketingProfs blogger Laura Forer. They prefer conversations over promotions, and marketers may find it easier to collect data from an SMS rather than having consumers fill out an online form, she says. This type of lead generation can prove fruitful for dealers. But to really achieve success, Forer suggests implementing the following tips:

  1. 1. Accessibility: Marketers need to ensure that their SMS information is easy for consumers to access across all channels. This includes the dealership homepage, landing pages, print material, social media networks and more.

  2. 2. CTA:
    You must have a strong call to action, says Forer. This means the phrasing of the call and colours of the button (action) needs to be simple but attention-grabbing. For example: “Text us for a free estimate” can be the message, and directly below the message your call can read “Get estimate.” This can be positioned over a red button for the action.

  3. 3. Qualify leads:
    Dealers can also use SMS to qualify leads. After all, studies show that texting leads can pave the way for a near 300 per cent higher conversion rate, versus simply calling potential customers.

  4. 4. Process:
    Dealers will also need to set up a fast process that will allow them to efficiently follow up with SMS leads. Since studies show that about 50 per cent to a third of all sales go to the first person to follow up, Forer suggests not only being quick to respond — but also clear and personable.

  5. 5. Start now:
    Finally, Forer recommends jumping right in to start tackling this aspect of marketing, rather than waiting to develop a full-out SMS strategy. Otherwise, they risk letting the competition get ahead.

The idea of SMS lead generation is becoming more important as marketers seek to increasingly target millennials, attract more mobile viewers, and push to convert more leads faster than before.