7 secrets of content marketing success

Successful content marketers do seven things differently from lesser mortals says Entrepreneur blogger Jayson Demers. As the founder and CEO of his own content marketing agency, Demers connects with some very bright lights in the world of content.

And he’s found that the following practices are what sets them apart:

  1. 1. Audience research. They dig deep to find out everything they can about their demographics. They challenge assumptions to resist “confirmation bias” and get closer to the truth.

  2. 2. Investment.
    They invest in smaller quantities of higher-quality content, compared to their mediocre counterparts.

  3. 3. Networking.
    They practice professional networking so they can learn from others, widen their network of professional contacts and gain valuable insights.

  4. 4. Value maximization.
    They prioritize the production of evergreen content. Then they transform it, syndicate it and revisit it to get the most of their investment.

  5. 5. Diversification.
    They don’t stick with a single area of expertise, even if they’ve been successful with it. They do try to diversify the types of content they produce, and they branch out to recruit guest posters.

  6. 6. Experimentation.
    They want to actively improve ROI by experimenting with topics and content formats their audiences wouldn’t expect. It might be risky and not always pay, but it keeps them from falling into a rut.

  7. 7. Analysis.
    They don’t judge success based on subjective factors. They rely on numbers and analytics to inform them about what’s working. They dig deep, scrutinize assumptions and prove results before making changes.

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