6 Facebook advertising mistakes to avoid

Too many marketers advertise on Facebook without methodical approaches, then find themselves experiencing some common pitfalls, according to a recent Convince and Convert blog post. Here are six missteps that you should take care to avoid:

  1. 1. Overlooking video as a marketing method. Video posts are not nearly as prominent as other types of Facebook content. Dealerships can gain traction and boost engagement by creating video-based ads.

  2. 2. Not being specific enough with targeting.
    Be realistic when determining the number of people to target with an advertising campaign.

  3. 3. Failing to monitor ads consistently.
    Facebook’s automation tools make it easy to monitor a campaign’s success, but don’t rely on them too heavily.  Your target audience’s comments on Facebook ads can help to gauge if a campaign is resonating with them or annoying them.

  4. 4. Choosing the wrong type of ad for the intended action.
    Become familiar with each type of advertising option and its purpose to reduce the likelihood of a selecting an ad that doesn’t connect with your audience.

  5. 5. Testing too many things at once.
    Test different kinds of Facebook ads with your desired audience, but include adequate isolation of variables to learn which characteristics of ads have the highest impact on viewers.

  6. 6. Making decisions about future advertising plans too hastily.
    Don’t assume there won’t be any major changes in audience perception of a brand or societal opinions of an advertising platform before a campaign ends. Planning an a campaign too far in advance could lead to problems.

Marketers should strive to be as flexible as possible, while resisting  the urge to make drastic moves, according to the blog post. Find it, along with links to more info, here.