Email marketing: pearls of wisdom from the experts

Econsultancy blogger Ben Davis sat down with experts Kath Pay, founder and senior consultant, Holistic Email Marketing; Parry Malm, CEO of Phrasee, and Dale Langley, head of deliverability at Emarsys, to discuss email marketing optimization in 2018. Here's what they had to say about the following subjects:

  1. 1. Where to begin: Marketers need to consider the subject line first when it comes to email marketing optimization. This means testing the motivations of users for wanting to open the email - so ask them what they like best with a scientific A/B testing program.

  2. 2. Metrics:
    The experts suggest using open rates as a proxy metric to be successful. This means ensuring that your email arrives directly in the user's inbox and is not filtered as spam. To bypass this, you may need to improve your acquisition tactics, "introduce a re-engagement program and be prepared to suppress subscribers to your email program" if they ignore you, says Langley.

  3. 3. New tech, consumer behaviour:
    Every interaction between the user and your brand is important and should be influenced by both the marketer and an artificial intelligence-driven marketing automation platform. This will give you the power to create programs that can be adapted to the changing needs of the consumer.

  4. 4. Email types that optimize the best:
    The experts also advise focusing on campaigns with the biggest audience, because it will generate more data and have the biggest impact on sales. The information pulled from the data can also be applied to smaller campaigns to improve its success rate.

Email marketing is changing with new technology like AI and the increasing use of consumer data. This in turn will allow marketers to better prepare for and launch more successful campaigns.