5 skills that every digital marketing team needs

Do you have talent gaps on your digital marketing team? The skill sets needed by digital marketing professionals today are changing as rapidly as the technologies they use. Here’s a list of the current top five, according to Marketing Profs blogger Gianna Scorsone.

1. Data analysis.

Comfort with measurement, metrics and analysis of data is key. The most important question is: “Is this working?” The answer can bring more effective campaigns, enhanced customer personas, improved customization, reduced bounce rates, higher customer retention, and more, says Scorsone.

2. Basic HTML/CSS knowledge.

Team members with basic HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) coding skills can use visual design to present messages more clearly. While they don’t have to build websites from scratch, they can update and improve the look of everything from landing pages to email campaigns.

3. Marketing automation tool mastery.

Experience with navigating the many advanced marketing automation platforms is critical. Technologies for automated emails, social media campaigns, and content marketing vary. Make sure your team members have proficiency in the tools your dealership is using.

4. Content marketing.

High quality content that customers care about leads to an increase in website traffic, higher organic search engine rankings — and ultimately, more leads. Invest in content marketing and writing skills to pull in your audience, instead of pushing your message out.

5. SEO.

The importance of search engine optimization skills is expected to grow this year, says Scorsone, as search engines get smarter and their algorithms continue to undergo updates. SEO skills on your team will get you greater audience reach, more traffic, more leads and more sales.

Don’t get out-performed by better-staffed competitors. Make sure your team has all the digital marketing skills you need. Check out Scorsone’s full blog at MarketingProfs.