5 cool visual marketing ideas

Visual content marketing has become the ultimate preference for consumers when searching for content on social media platforms, according to Social Media Today blogger Irfan Ahmad. He offers several suggestions on how dealers can better utilize visual elements in their content marketing process — all of which are simple and easy to implement:

  1. 1. Good, short and simple stories: Dealers that want to capture the attention of social media savvy consumers need to create good (and interesting) stories in layers of easy-to-process images or 10 to 15 second videos. The idea is to evoke emotion, make it easy to process and make it shareable.

  2. 2. Attract users with images:
    When posting photos on social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram, use original visual content, consistent branding, and short and engaging descriptions. And don’t forget to optimize it for size and format: square, landscape and portrait.

  3. 3. Create or share memes:
    Consumers seem to love memes, and the good ones are shared quickly and often on social media. To create your own, use short form videos or photography and include a clever caption. Another option is to share a popular, automotive-related meme that consumers might enjoy.
  4. 4. Create visual quotes: Using a graphic template tool, dealers can quickly and easily create several interesting visual quotes. Something cute and simple like “Happy Friday” or a more car-related quote could work wonders. These are shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  5. 5. Repurpose your content: Optimize your blog content by turning it into shareable videos and images. Dealers can take blog topics about car-related issues and new and used vehicle information and create infographics, SlideShares, videos and images.

Other suggestions include native videos, creating GIFs and using Facebook Live — all of which can help dealers better connect with today’s car buyers.