4 tips to help make marketing data work for you

Are you using marketing data to drive improvement, inform decisions, and increase lead generation at your dealership?

You should be, according to Marketo blogger Kristine Colosimo. She serves up four tips that may help:

  1. Send all your leads to one place
    When you send all your leads to one central app or platform, you enable much better reporting. You can integrate peripheral apps to quickly see what’s working, and what isn’t.

  2. 5. Get data delivered to you
    Take advantage of tools that help you stay on top of data — without doing extra work or logging into your apps to generate a report. Make data consumption a natural part of your day.

  3. 6. Automate around the lead enrichment process
    Save time by automating human workflows. With the right technology, when a new lead comes in, the information will be automatically added to the lead’s profile inside your CRM or app of choice.

  4. 7. Segment marketing efforts
    To segment effectively, you need to use data that is trapped in other apps, Colosimo says. For instance, you can move purchase data from your eCommerce app into your marketing automation platform to understand past purchases.

Your integration platform should work with you, intelligently, according to Colosimo. It should not pose a barrier to productivity at your dealership.

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