4 digital marketing trends in 2018

Digital advertising is growing and changing faster than many could have imagined — thanks to emerging technologies and new platforms, according to the Digital Marketing Institute. As a result, there are a number of trends that dealerships need to watch for in 2018. Here are some of the most interesting ones to pay attention to:

  1. 1. Machine Learning: Over 95 per cent of business leaders believe the future of marketing will include some form of collaboration with “machine learning-based automation entities.” That’s because this form of technology will be able to quickly and accurately respond to changes in customer behaviour by offering predictive knowledge based on loads of data.

  2. 2. Dark Social:
    Consumers are starting to use less monitored channels online to engage socially with others. Examples include WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and native mobile apps like dedicated Facebook and Instagram-style creations. Dark social is responsible for nearly 85 per cent of outbound sharing, according to Digital Marketing Institute.

  3. 3. Video advertising:
    It’s no secret that the popularity of video ads have drastically increased over the last few years. Many feel this content offers the best ROI, and 43 per cent of consumers are demanding more video from businesses. Dealers need to keep this in mind when preparing their 2018 digital content marketing budget.

  4. 4. Personalization:
    Over 65 per cent of consumers are likely to change brands if they feel they are being treated like a person rather than a number. The ability to offer a personalized online experience in 2018 should be a key ingredient in every dealer’s digital marketing strategy.

Video advertising and personalization of the online experience are not new trends, but their importance is growing and should not be ignore. Dark social is another area worth keeping tabs on, as it may present new digital venues for dealers to touch base with. And machine learning can take off faster than many would imagine.