3 great ways to boost email marketing results

There are many actionable email marketing strategies to help dealers improve their results, from list building to copywriting and measurement, the options appear endless. Of course, the list keeps getting longer with newer ways to learn and improve. Here are a few tips that you can implement now to help boost your results, according to CoSchedule blogger Ben Sailer:

  1. 1. Write better email subject lines: It’s not as easy as it sounds, but you can improve your email subject lines by: testing every single one before delivery, using the actual name of the person in the sender field, add a touch of personalization by including the recipient’s name, and ensuring that your words are powerful enough to motivate users to open and click the email.

  2. 2. Sharpen your copywriting skills:
    In this area, Sailer recommends keeping your subject lines or body copy brief — or as he says, “as long as it needs to be, and no more.” That means 17-24 characters in subject lines and sentences of no longer than 25 words in the body. He also suggests including at least one call to action, such as in the Header graphic, inline text and at the end as a conclusion CTA button. Putting the reader first, offering something of value (such as information), and developing a distinct voice are also important.

  3. 3. General tips:
    When it comes to email marketing, there are some basic tips that remain important to consider. These include making it easy for the user to unsubscribe (don’t let them hold a grudge), incorporate a mobile-friendly design, include Alt-text to images and buttons, and research when the best time is to send emails, which will allow you to benefit from the most open rates and clicks.

Managing your email marketing schedule via an online calendar is also a necessity to help ensure success.