3 blogging mistakes can sabotage SEO

Blogs can be a great way to publish dealership-branded content online. But if you want to maximize the benefits of your blog content, you should avoid three common mistakes, according to a recent Naked Lime Fresh Squeeze blog post. They include:

Errors and typos. Your content may be relevant, valuable and timely, but if it’s littered with typos and grammatical errors, you won’t get the engagement you want. Get every post reviewed multiple times by several people. If you can’t do that, take a break of a day or two between writing and reviewing a post.

Publishing frequency. Quantity is not better than quality. Invest in good, error-free content, rather than a bunch of short posts on the trending topic of the day. Post substantive pieces at a slower clip, instead of pumping out fluff regularly.

Simplicity. Know your audience and keep your writing simple. Simplify complex ideas. Avoid industry jargon. Try to tie every point to the underlying message you want to convey to potential customers.

Blogs are more than a source of valuable information — they can also be a search engine magnet if you properly emphasize keywords and link-building. Start each post by planning keywords and researching your audience, then design a content strategy that answers common consumer needs.

Don’t aim for an ‘ideal length’ of a post, or pad your content to meet a word quota. Give your potential customers what they want — valuable information that can influence purchase decisions.

Make sure your optimized content loads quickly, is mobile-friendly, links to other parts of your site, and ideally features a short URL. And focus on the value proposition you’re delivering to your potential customers.

Find the full blog post at Naked Lime.